The Consistory

 The Consistory is the governing body of the church. It consists of the Pastor, 6 Elders and 6 Deacons. They are elected for 3 to 5 year terms by the congregation. The Consistory meets on the second Monday of each month to discuss activities and concerns of the Hurley Church and the Community.

Anyone wishing to appear before the Consistory should address their concern and request through the Pastor. By clicking on one of the following you may obtain more information about the organization and governance of the New York Synod or the Reformed Church in America.

2015 Consistory

President: Reverend Dr. Robert L. Gram, LCSW, Pastor


Wally Cook, Senior Elder, Classis Delegate

Dennis Croswell, Property and Maintenance

James Craven, Columbarium Liaison

Hal Hauck, Program & Activity

Kathleen Jansen

Barbara Kindt



William Beesmer, Finance

Gregory Laib

Rebecca Masters, Missions

Marilyn More, Information Technology

Kathleen Musialkiewicz, HRC Preservation

Dino Sumerano, Worship