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April - 2008



PARSON to PERSON:                               “VALUE”

What does value mean to you?  A bit of breakfast cereal, recent flooding, and decorating the church for Easter got me going on that idea.

            What folly is there in our human species that would cause someone to pay close to $2,000.00 for corn flake in the shape of New Jersey?  As the water several days ago slowly crept toward my house, ran over my road, and turned my neighbors yards into ponds, how I valued my dry basement and garage.  How I value the handful of gals who spent almost a whole Saturday morning arranging all the butterflies which added so much to the beauty of our sanctuary on Easter.  (I also value so many others of you who do so many wonderful things in so many different ways, and that includes my dear wife).

            If I were to ask you to name the most valuable thing in the world, ounce for ounce, you would probably say that it was gold, or platinum or perhaps diamonds or emeralds.  In fact the most valuable thing in the world, measured by its weight, is a piece of paper.  Not just any piece of paper, but a stamp printed in Sweden in 1855.  Known as the Treskilling Yellow, it’s thought to be the only postage stamp of its kind in existence.  It recently sold for 1.2 million dollars.  When one thinks of what 1.2 million dollars could do devoted to good causes, it seems an awful waste of money.

            Perhaps we people put too much value on objects and too little value on human souls.  Easter helps us to place value where it belongs-on people.  Loving them, forgiving them, being with them.  Jesus thought we were so valuable that he was willing to die in our place.  How can we help but put similar value on the people around us, and those closest to us.

            On these weeks after Easter, I challenge us to look at our lifestyles, our values, to see if things that seem so logical, reasonable, and important to us look the same to God.

            Pastor Bob



   6th  -  Third Sunday of Easter/Communion

                 Scripture: John 02:19-31

                 Meditation: “ Fleas of Faith!”

 13th -     Fourth Sunday of Easter

                 Scripture: John 21: 1-19

                 Message: “In the Dawn’s Early Light!”

20th -      Fifth Sunday of Easter

                 Scripture: Matthew 5: 38-48

                 Message: “Other Cheeks; Coats and Cloaks; and 2nd Miles!”

 27th   -    Sixth Sunday of Easter

                  Scripture: Exodus 19: 1-7

                  Message: “On Eagles Wings!”

Meet New Members

Joel Lasher:  Joel grew up in the Kingston and Rosendale area be­fore moving to Hurley.  He works in the maintenance department of Ulster County Building and Grounds.  Joel likes hunting, fish­ing, camping, snow-shoeing and anything else out doors.  His daughter, Julie (age 6), attended the Hurley Nursery School.  Joel joins by confession of his faith.

 Melissa Lasher:  Melissa grew up in Germantown through her high school years.  As a child she also lived in Athens, NY.  She says most of her days are spent working at the Astor Home in Rhine­beck.  When not there, she has a pet sitting/walking business, and also cleans houses.  She and her family sponsor a child through “Compassions International.”  His name is Arturo Rodriguez, and he’s from Mexico.  They write each other monthly.  While in high school, Melissa joined a group that went to Louisiana to help clean up after the tornado.  She was a Vacation Bible School helper at the Reformed Church in Germantown, and loves participating in “Operation Christmas Child.”  Melissa also joins by confession of faith.  

 Steve Nekos:  Steve was baptized at the Fair Street Reformed Church, and joins Hurley Church by reaffirmation of his faith.  Steve was born in Hurley and raised in Marbletown.  He is no stranger to most folks in the area as he serves as owner/operator of the Hurley Mountain Inn.  Steve is also a licensed attorney in NY.  He’s been involved with the Hurley Lions Club, serving on the Board as well as helping in numerous fund raising events.  He en­joys golf when time permits.  If he’s not at the Inn he’s probably home with his family.

Valerie Nekos:  Valerie grew up in Cobb, Ireland, and has also lived in Australia and Boston before moving to Hurley.  She spends her days with her kids, and works nights at the Hurley Mountain Inn.  Val is on the Board of Directors of the Hurley Nursery School.  She joins by reaffirmation of her faith.  (Steve and Valerie are the parents of Daniel, age 3 ˝ and William, age 22 months.)


Women’s Guild

Thank you to everyone who brought in items for the bags that we will be making up for Church World services. We appreciate all of your support and we were able to help so many others around the world.

We will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday, 4/27/08 from 4pm till 7pm. There will be no specific seating times so, please come anytime between 4pm-7pm for your dinner.

We will be serving: Spaghetti-Your choice of plain, marinara or with meat balls, Salad, Bread & Butter, Drinks & Dessert.  All of this for $6 a person.

Linda Bognar-our VP-is not able to continue as our VP due to work commitments.  We thank her for her service.  So, if anyone would like to fill in for her we would greatly appreciate it! Just see a Guild committee member to express your interest.

At our last meeting we had our annual Butterfly reveal & picked new ones for the upcoming year. This is great fun to have a secret friend for a year & honor that person. We do this every March so, if you missed out this year plan to attend next year.

Our upcoming events:       4/27/08-Spaghetti Dinner

                                      5/18/08-Women’s Guild & Youth Group pot luck fund raiser for pew                                                       hinges for the church

God Bless, Sandy Emrich-President


THANK YOU!!         THANK YOU!!             THANK YOU!!

We are blessed by your help & support that you give to the Youth Group. No matter what we have going on…. you are there for us. If we ask for donations of this or that food item…you are there for us. If we have a breakfast or dinner….you are there for us. Your support that you give us is felt and appreciated!!! Thanks for that. We are blessed by all of you and we hope we bless you in return.


                                                                   Youth Group


 Do you know what 6,931 means??

This is the number of soda cans & bottles that has been donated to date for the American Cancer Society. WOW!!!  6,931…what a number!!  With your help I was able to raise funds over $346.55 from just soda cans & bottle returns.

With your help & support this number will just increase!!

Can we hit 10,000 by the end of May? Just keep drinking & bringing those can/bottles.  We will just have to wait & see.

                                                                   Katie Emrich



Youth Group

Thank you for the spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, lime jello and Italian salad dressing that were donated for the past two months for the Women’s Guild. The items collected will be used for their Spaghetti Dinner that will be held on 4/27/08. The items that we will be collecting for the months of April & May will be laundry detergent, fabric softener & dryer sheets. These items will be going up to the Ronald McDonald house in Albany for the house guests to use.

Thank you to everyone that came out on the brisk Easter Dawn morning and joined us for the Easter Dawn Service. Our play this year was Deal or No Deal Hurley Church style. We had a great time putting this service on. Our breakfast was held right after. Everyone enjoyed the meal & it was a great way to celebrate this special holiday!

Our upcoming events:

4/06/08:    Coffee hour sponsored by us

4/18/08:  Youth Group rally @ Warwick

4/27/08:  Women’s Guild Spaghetti Dinner

5/11/08:  Altar flowers

5/18/08:  Fund Raiser with the Women’s Guild for pew hinges for the church

6/07/08:  Yard Sale & Car Wash 8am till 1pm

6/29/08: End of the year picnic at the Rosendale Youth

                Center for the whole church

If you see an activity & would like to be a part of it, we would love to have you!!



Yard Sale

Have you cleaned & cleaned the house this long winter? Are you tired of seeing the “stuff” lying around and want to get rid of it!  Well, we have the answer for you.

On 6/7/08 from 8am till 1pm, there will be a yard sale at the church on June 07, 2008.

See Sandy Emrich to reserve your table space for only $25.00.  You can rent tables for $5 each as well.



The drawing for the wooden airplane that Donald Hornbeck donated to raise money for the American Cancer Society has been extended to 5/25/08.

So, if you missed out on getting your raffle ticket for this you still have time. They are $1 each or 6 for $5.

                                                                   Katie Emrich



What an honor…

Back in December 2007 the Youth Group collected items for a member’s uncle who is stationed over in Iraq. We sent over 5 boxes filled with snacks, movies, magazines, tooth paste, soap, etc that we shipped to Thomas Roddy’s uncle. Well, we received a great honor from his uncle, an American flag. In the box also was a certificate which reads:


So that all shall know, this flag was flown in the face of the enemy, illuminated in the dark by the light of justice, & bears witness to the capture, interrogation, & imprisonment of terrorist forces threatening the freedom of the United States of America & that of the world. It was flown at forward operating base Camp Bucca, Iraq on the 25th Day of December 2007.

       In appreciation for Reformed Church of Hurley

Well, needless to say we are touched, surprised, & teary eyed that this was done for us. So, on 3/9/08 the Youth Group presented it to the church to be displayed in a holder along with the certificate. We thank Mr. Roddy for this wonderful honor!!  We will be keeping him and his fellow service men in our prayers.

                                                Sandy Emrich


Myer School is having another clothing/toy drive fundraiser. . .

 We are collecting clothes, shoes, handbags, linens, stuffed animals and hard toys.  It will be during the school board election May 20th at the Myer School parking lot.  We get paid 10 cents per pound.  We collected over 11,500 pounds at our 2 other drives.

 Start cleaning out those attics and basements!!! Any questions call Diana Cline 338-7276

Tamera and Edward Schreur Visit in June

The Schreur’s are one of three RCA Partners in Missions we support annually through our benevolence giving. Tamera and Edward run a counseling and pastoral ministry in Oman.

We are in the process of setting a Sunday in June to host the Schreur’s and hear more about the good work they are doing in Oman. More details will follow. You can view the Shreur’s Profile in Mission by clicking the Missions page on our church website at






APRIL 12, 7:30 pm

Hurley Reformed Church



  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the free-will offering held after church on Palm Sunday.  Several hundred dollars ended up in the basket, and will be used to assist families in our congregation and community as special needs arise.
  • Thanks to Lonnie for making the arrangements to have the West Point Cadet Chorus back with us again.  They will put on a concert on April 12th here in our sanctuary.
  • We are looking forward to the annual KOSCO report at the end of May to review our fuel usage.  We’re hoping our new furnace and zone heating system will reduce our budget payments.  We’ll let you know.




Ideas can die and here’s how, according to management experts Robert de Bono and Robert Heller (

Ideas die when . . .

  • they are attacked
  • there is no enthusiasm or passion
  • they cost too much
  • the risk too high
  • no senior person champions them
  • the first impression is that they are not feasible
  • people’s egos get in the way
  • they are viewed as too similar to a previous idea
  • a change of circumstance invalidates them
  • the idea is tried, but fails

(Taken from “Home Comfort News,” Spring 2008 by Lowe Plumbing)



SPIRE ARTICLE DEADLINE is the 20th of each Month.  Anything received after that date will have to be placed in following edition.   We appreciate your assistance in this matter.




            The flowers and butterflies were beautiful to signify our Lord’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Thank you to Doris Alden for coordinating the plants and to all the women who helped to arrange them.

            A special thanks to the gentlemen who helped us in our endeavors; David Emerich for climbing the ladder and hanging the butterflies; Russ Lewis for painting our flower benches (they look like new) and to Ron Chressey for building the ‘pristine’ flower boxes for our front entrance! 

            We appreciate all the love and efforts that makes our Sanctuary very special!

                                                                        Shirley Ruth




In an effort to keep our landing less cluttered and looking neater, plastic tubs have been placed on a table in  the back of Schadewald Hall.  The tubs are labeled for the items being gathered.  If you bring in items this is the first place to go to put them in their proper place.  Thanks! 


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