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September - 2008








A sentence in an article I was reading grabbed my attention:  “God reserves the greatest joy and satisfaction for those who risk the most and trust Him for success.”  Well – my mind took off.  More than a faith of security and guarantee, Christianity is a religion of risk.  Our faith is a faith in beginnings, not in endings.  Our Lord has turned dead-end streets into thoroughfares.  He has given us signposts, not hitching posts.

        Risk and beginnings – the message of the bible from cover to cover!  Consider these sample examples of risk:

Abraham – risked all to follow God on a journey to an unknown place.

Ester – risked life to enter the king’s presence uninvited to plead for her people’s salvation.   

Moses – risking  at age 80 of leading the Israelites to the Promised Land.

David – risked life in battle with the giant Goliath, armed only with his faith and a slingshot.

Paul- risking his life, time and again, on his missionary journeys.

Prophets- risking everything to say to wicked kings: ‘Thus says the Lord.’

Jesus – risked leaving the carpenter shop to begin his public ministry.

Disciples- risked safety of the locked upper room to take the gospel to the world.

God- the ultimate risk taker in creating the world, making mankind in His own image, and sending His Son to the manger and cross.

But not just risks, there’s also new beginnings.

Ø      After the flood God marks a new beginning with His people through Noah, with a rainbow as a sign.

Ø      The Prophet Jeremiah talks of God making a new covenant to be written on the heart.

Ø      The New Testament says that if we are in Christ we are a new creature.

Ø      The Book of Revelation speaks of a new heaven and earth.

Risks and Beginnings!  As it is with Scripture, so it is in our life together as a congregation.  This month we begin our Fall program.  It’s loaded with opportunities to take a risk – to accept a term on Consistory, get involved with our Church School, attend a Bible class, become a new choir member, or to begin attending worship again on a regular basis – to name just a few.

  Each of you has something to give that your church needs.  In terms of your faith, and through the life of your church, where is God’s Spirit nudging you on one specific way to take a risk and make a new beginning.  Remember – God reserves the greatest joy and satisfaction for those who risk the most and trust Him for success!

Pastor Bob




7th        Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost/ Communion

                        Scripture:  John 6: 24 –35 ; 41-51

                        Message: “Pull Up A Chair To His Table”

14th       Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost / Church School Resumes

                        Scripture:  Genesis 9:  8 - 17

                        Message: “God Signs”

21h       Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Scripture:  Genesis 13; 14 –18

                        Message: “Lift Up Your Eyes”

28th       Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Scripture:  Genesis 45; 1 –13

                        Message: “Making Peace With Your Past”








Our adult Bible Classes will resume their gatherings the week that Church School reopens for Fall.

    Tuesday Evening Class will meet on September 9th at 7:00 pm in the Dutch Room

    Wednesday Morning Class will meet on September 10th at 7:00 a.m. in the Dutch Room

We will be focusing our attention on another video study led by pastor and teacher Ray Vender Laan.





We Thank You


From Mr. and Mrs. Fred Everts (Esther’s Family)


   “ Our whole family has been deeply touched by the prayers and generosity of the people of the Hurley Reformed Church.  It has been a difficult time, but we have seen God’s hand in many areas of our lives, working through many people.  We cannot thank you all enough for all you have shared with us in your love and concern.”


Esther and The Rev. say, “ We cannot thank the Hurley Church enough for your love, prayers and concern for our family in the recent weeks that follow the devastation of the tornado in Parkersburg.  Your response to the Mission of the Month in June is a tribute to a caring and concerned congregation and it is deeply appreciated by our families and by us as well.  Thank you all.”





Quiet like – some still day,

Going home, but not away

Thank you for your kindess at this trying time.

The Family of Charles Horan (Rev’s sister)



Hurley Reformed Church Friends… words cannot express how much we appreciate the support, kindness, and prayers after the tornado tragedy we experienced.  The loss of my husband and al our possesions is still vivid in our lives.  The wonderful outreach that you have shared with us has been very comforting and will always be remembered.   God bless you all…







            Thank you for the card.  I really appreciate it.  It keeps my spirit up.  I look forward to coming home.  I definitely could use a vacation from all the paperwork.  I’m doing well.  I’m in a pretty safe place, so we don’t see much action.  Actually none.  I hope everything is well with everyone, and I hope your weather is better than mine.  120 – 130 degrees is very hot.  But I’ve climatized well to it.  Well, its getting late and I have an early day tomorrow.  Thank you again, and I’ll see everyone when I come Home.








    Our second annual golf tournament is in the record books (but probably not in the Freeman Sport pages).


     With thundershowers, both in the morning and late afternoon, 34 golfers had a great time playing ‘Captain and Crew’ and 44 enjoyed a nice buffet at the Hurley Mountain Inn while it poured outside.  Do you think having two ministers playing and praying had anything to do with our good luck?


     1st  place winners were the Constant family – Doug, Frieda, Bill and Brian with a 31. 


     2nd  and 3rd  place, also with 31 and a match of cards were: Brian Donnelly, Wayne Mengel, Terry Conlin, and Pastor Bob Vanderlaan and Ron and Ann Every, Rev. Charles and Esther Stickley. 


     The longest drive was won by Gail Jansen and Brian Constant on #  6.  The closest to the pin on #1 was won by Faye Jansen.  The men were unable to get close on # 8. 


    Two ‘good sports’ awards were given to two new golfers,. June Vanderlaan and Shirley Ruth.  Join us next year.- we all had a good time.”



Church Blooper:             The Fasting & Prayer Conference; includes meals.






   It’s “Back to School” time – Church School, that is!  We have a very dedicated group of teachers who are ready and waiting to help our children learn about God and grow in their relationship with him.  They’ve prepared lessons, songs, and lots of other fun activities to make growing in faith exciting.  We have classes for all ages, from Pre-K right on up through High School.  Classes meet at 10:00 A.M., so parents can worship God in the sanctuary while their children are worshiping Him downstairs.  Superintendent Sherman Richards and Assistant Superintendent Barb

Hornbeck, along with the Christian Education Committee, oversees the program and keep things running smoothly.


   The lessons learned in Church School last a lifetime.  The seeds of belief planted in children’s lives, if steadily watered and nourished, can grow and blossom into beautiful flowers of mature faith.  So we want to encourage all parents and children to take full advantage of our terrific church school program.  It’s easy to “over-book” our weekends with other fun activities, but let’s remember to keep worship and church school a priority throughout the year.  God promises that if we will draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.   So let’s draw near to God regularly this year through worship and Church School, and grow into our relationship with Him!


                                                                            Hans Vought, Chair

Education Committee.




 Columbarium Update

     The Columbarium Committee met with Bill Robertson, of the Creter Co., on July 22nd and the columbarium has been ordered and should be delivered and installed in about 60 days (mid Oct.).


     Forms for purchase are being printed and should be available by September. Work on the patio and holding wall will be starting the end of August. A small fountain and two stone benches are also being purchased for the patio. 


     The committee will have another meeting on August 26th.


Columbarium committee.





We are back.


We will be starting to collect those empty soda & bottle returns for the American Cancer Society again. Please bring them in & put then in the bin in the hall & leave the rest to us. We thank you for holding them during the summer months but, we will now take them off of your hands.  Even if you didn’t save them during the summer you can start again. Thanks for your support in this fund raiser!!



Penny Social

                             The 2nd Annual Penny Social

                                 On October 24, 2008

The 2nd Annual Penny Social will be held at the church.

The doors will open at 6pm and calling will start at 7pm.

We will be having food, a 50/50 drawing and a whole lot of fun.

The Youth Group will be collecting items (new or used) for this event.  Please bring them in & put them in the hall. Thanks for your help.

Youth Group


Women’s Guild


Hope everyone had a great summer. We were busy with many different activities this summer. Hope you were able to catch a few of them. Thank you for your support with these different activities.

We will be having a meeting on 9/21/08. Please mark your calendars to attend this. We will be working on many things plus our calendar for the up coming year.

Do like the activities that the Women’s Guild put on year after year. Then you would make a great a Vice President of the Guild. Please consider taking on this position. Just come to the meeting & let us know of your interest & you are the VP.    It is that easy.

Just a reminder that all women of the church are apart of the Women’s Guild. It is up to you weather you are activity or not. I hope you want to be active!! See you all on 9/21/08.

God Bless,

Sandy Emrich-President


            Property and Maintenance:

            My, look what a new coat of paint will do!

The next time you walk into the church take a look at the doors to Schadewald Hall.      Wayne Mengel noticed that the entry way was looking a bit ragged, so he sanded, cleaned and put a nice new white coat of paint on them.

Thanks Wayne!  The doors look great!
Joe and Gretchen



Our fellow church member-Callie Rockwell-Ashby is stationed over in Iraq. The Youth Group will be collecting items for her & her fellow soldier’s.

Callie has given us a list of items that they could use:

baby wipes, foot powder, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, Q-tips, batteries(AA & AAA) pens, papers & envelopes.

 Please help us send these items over to them.  Please put them in the bin in the hall. The last collection date for these items will be 9/28/08,

                                       Thanks for your support




The Youth Group will be holding a babysitting night on:     

                   Friday, 10/3/08 from 6pm till 9pm.

We will watch children of all ages. We will give them a light snack plus they will be doing all kinds of games, crafts & having all the fun that they can handle.

Just drop off your children and leave the rest to us.

Starting 09/07/08, we will answer any questions and have a sign up sheet.  



                   Consistory Corner

• The consistory has received a recommendation from the Search Committee of a candidate to be our next Minister and we are presently working through the procedures and reviews recommended by our Supervisor Reverend Howard Smith from Classis. 

• A special Thank You to Natalie Woodard for running a successful golf tournament, once again this year.

 We look forward to the upcoming start of Church School and seeing everyone return from summer break.


Youth Group

Now with summer over…where did it go??? The Youth Group is up & running & boy do we have things planned!! 

We did do something during the summer!! We went to a local soup kitchen here in Kingston—Queens Galley on 7/4. We donated 200 hot dogs, 200 hamburgers, salads, soda & fixings for this luncheon. We were excited to have this opportunity & hope we can do something again for them.

We will be selling 2009 calendars for $7 each & note cards for $5 each starting 9/7/08. These sell out quickly so, get yours before it is too late. We thank you for your continued support with this.

Our first meeting will be on 9/14/08. If you are in 5th grade & above, like to have fun, & help our community…then we are the group that you have been looking for. Plan to attend with your parent(s) & check us out as we would love to have you. We will be planning for our upcoming year. Below is what we have so far but things are always changing.  So, if one event doesn’t fit in your schedule then another one might. 

Our upcoming events:  

09/07/08    Selling calendars & note cards

09/14/08    Meeting

10/03/08    Babysitting 6pm to 9pm

10/17/08    Youth Group only sleepover 6pm to 8am

10/24/08    Penny Social.  Doors open at 6pm/Calling at 7pm

11/09/08    Meeting

11/22/08    Baking Thanksgiving breads

11/23/08    Selling Thanksgiving breads for $5 each      

12/05/08    Babysitting

New members are always welcome & we would love to have you part of this great group!! Hope to see you soon!

Sandy & Katie Emrich, Lisa Longto

Youth Group Leaders


We sure could use your HELP!!!

A MOP (Mothers of Preschoolers) is an international lifestyle evangelism ministry. In our community, MOPS meets at Grace Community Church in Lake Katrine the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from September through May.

MOPS nurtures, supports, and cares for mothers of preschoolers in their role as a mom. It’s an awesome organization and resource for moms in our community, and a powerful tool for evangelism to mom’s who have not yet responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A significant way MOPS supports moms is by providing a safe and loving childcare environment at Moppets. While moms visit, learn, and build relationships with each other their children are left in the care of loving arms. But... WE NEED MORE ARMS!

If you have a heart for children, moms, families, or all of the above we have a place for you!  Being a Moppets volunteer requires a patient love for preschool children and 2 hours on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month. If only one Wednesday a month is possible, don’t be shy - God will use it and so will we.

For more information or to volunteer as a Moppets Volunteer please call Grace Community Church at 845-382-2288 and ask for Pastor Malcolm Light, or speak to your church's representive, Debbie Vought at 246-0253.


SPRIRE ARTICLE DEADLINES are the 20th of each Month.  Anything received after that date will have to be placed in following edition.   We appreciate your assistance in this matter.



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